War Service Bureau
personal correspondence from the Rutgers College War Service Bureau

Conklin, Sherman Lindsley

edited by Juan Martinez Aviles, Elijah McDaniel

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Various to Elizabeth J. Conklin, June 17, 1918

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June 17th 1918.

S.S.U.NO. 635

My dear Mrs. :

We, the members of whose privilege it has been to work with for many happy months, desire to convey to you our deepest sympathy. To have known Sherman was to have loved him, and this we all did and,we think, he returned our affection, so that we also have suffered a great loss. Sherman’s unfailing good nature, his ready sympathy and his eagerness to be always doing something for someone else, were to us all. In all the time we have known “Cub”, as we called him, not one of us ever heard him say one word in anger noe [sic] express even one unkind thought of anyone. Indeed, the memory of his great heart and larger nature will always remain one of our most cherished possessions.

Our sorrow and our loss are too great to be conveyed in words, but we want you to know how much we loved Sherman, and that we can never forget him. We shall be always guided by the example he set us, and when we most miss him, we shall try to remember that his call found him ready and unafraid to answer, and that he gave his life in the greatest work of this great cause, the relief of pain and torture.

If we could be of any service at all to you, please let us know.


Ethelbert D. Warfield, Jr.   R.B.Johnson,   James W.D.Seymour,   William A.Edwards,   Albert L.Gandy,   James F.Hunter,   Berbard A. Bridget   Chas.M.Peck,   John K. Tellien,   Hugh Ward Lutz,   James Palmer,   William W. McCarthy   Carleton Day Wright,   John V.Ward,Jr.,   Edmund J. Coolidge,   John C. Farmer,   Samuel Bernstein,   Chester McArthur,   C. Hayne Walton,   Charles S. Richardson,   Guy C.Bishop,   Walter G. Garritt,   William H.Richards,   Gouverneur Smyth,   Edwin W. Gheer,   Charles H. Christian,   J. DeWitt Toll, Jr.,   W.B. Wood,   Lewis W. Mustard,Jr.,   William P. Church,   James F. Hunter,   J.P Fletcher   

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Howard W.Vander Voorth,   J.P. Fletcher,   Joaquin B. Calvo.   1st Lieut. B. K Niftel.   John M. Nazel,(in hospital),   Sidney M.Eddy, “ “   Herbert Harvey, “ “   Robert Ogden, (in Officers’ School).  

Earl Reed Silvers to Elizabeth J. Conklin, January 31, 1919

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January 31, 1919

San Antonia, Texas

Dear Mrs.Conklin

I would gladly send you fifty copies of the October issue of the Quarterly if we had them, but calls have been so frequent and many that there are only twenty left. For college records and filing purposes, we should really have more than that number.

I think, however, that by dropping a line to a few of ’s classmates, I can gather a few extra copies together. Under separate cover I am mailing you six.

Please do not bother about their cost. I am very sorry that I cannot send you a great many more.

Just as soon as things are straightened out here at the college, I shall take up the matter of collecting . What a splendid tribute to him appeared in the current Christian Intelligencer.

Sincerely yours,